Case study

PG tips, Warm up Britain

Client: PG tips

Agency: We Are Social

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, Responsive development

Tasks: Front end development of Facebook app.


I developed all of the front end build for the PG tips, Warm up Britain Facebook app. while working closely with the backend developers that were integrating my templates in the PHP Fat-Free Framework.

This app. allowed fans of PG to help Monkey "Warm Up Britain" by buying a friend a box of PG and a mug. Those kind enough to help a friend out in need could get a chance to get a free PG monkey for themselves.

We sold all 5,000 packs of tea in a smidge over 24 hours, when the campaign was originally intended to last a month.

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PG tips, Warm up Britain PG tips, Warm up Britain